Matrimonio Italiano is the brand name for the initiative dedicated to weddings under the Fare Italiano enterprise. It is a structured entity that enables photographers and other professional service providers involved in weddings to establish themselves and put forward the value of their work.
It is a scheme aimed at facilitating expression of excellence and at providing a clear indication of quality work and the expression of good taste.
The Matrimonio Italiano initiative is a reference point for brides and grooms to be, who are looking for a unique and personalised wedding experience, by engaging a range of high-quality professionals who offer a high standard of service.


Matrimonio Italiano is the brand name for the initiative dedicated to the professionals in weddings, who seek to gain exposure and visibility for their services through a structured and elegant framework.
It is an entity dedicated to the culture of the "Italian way" within the wedding sphere. The Matrimonio Italiano brand is synonymous with excellence and highly professional service. It facilitates the search and selection across the whole of Italy, of qualified professionals, very capable and able to offer attention to detail but also a unique and personalised experience.

For the spouses

Matrimonio Italiano has created this website to make your experience as pleasant and smooth as possible, with the pictures as the protagonists, to facilitate an effective search for ideas and to provide a precise indication of the service offered by the specific providers.
Please flick through the gallery shown on our homepage, click on a picture of interest and it will take you directly to that company's personal space.
If you prefer searching by location to identify a professional in the vicinity of the wedding site, please use the "Find" menu on the homepage.

The solution you are looking for
Are you looking for the perfect wedding? Will it be a civil ceremony or a religious wedding? Will the bride wear a traditional white dress or something different? What about the groom? Will he wear cufflinks or a double button?
For any style you have chosen for your wedding, we want to offer the opportunity of a solution that will capture it in time, just as you lived it on your special day.
In this context, the choice of a professional service provider is essential, and it remains your choice. What Matrimonio Italiano offers is the availability of a range of professional services for the style and support you need.

Copyright and use conditions

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Matrimonio Italiano can dismiss any member without notice due to unacceptable conduct deemed in breach of the guidelines outlined in the application material, or for any other reason deemed damaging to its activities or to its image, that of its users or that of its service providers.

Report a problem

Matrimonio Italiano requests that its members, when applying for membership, are truthful and transparent in presenting their professional qualifications and their integrity, for the protection of its brand, its members and its users/clients. In the event that a member or a user identifies a clear and severe case of misconduct, false declaration or abuse of any sort, they are encouraged to report it in detail at the following email address: support@matrimonio-italiano.it
Important: the person or entity reporting misconduct guarantees the authenticity and correctness of the reported information and assumes all responsibility for it and its implications. Matrimonio Italiano will consider seriously all reports of misconduct and/or abuse and will apply swift but rigorous checks and verifications.

Note on the use of personal data: the provision of personal data implicitly authorises its use in conformance with legislative decree n. 196/2003.