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Euphorbia Pulcherrima “Christmas star“

Christmas is arriving and being helped by flowers, our house may be more warmer and inviting.  

Even though every year this period is characterized by different trends for decorations and nuances, with always new styles for composition, new researches to find new materials and unusual accessories, personally I  prefer to use for Christmas traditional tones and nuances, from total white to more classical red and gold.   

Exactly on the base of these colors I decide to tell you something about “Euphorbia Pulcherrima” also known in Italy as “Christmas star”.

This is a typical winter flower, available on the market since the end of October until January. 
There are more than 100 varieties, for shapes and colors, like orange, light green, pink, or like more commons colors as white and red. 

Certainly these are those mostly used during christmas time.  This flower normally is available as decoration plant, but people may use it also to make beautifull small or big composition. 

Just a suggestion, if you would like to realize a Christmas centerpiece, Euphorbia has on the trunk and on the branches a milky and irritating for the skin substance, so it is necessary to handle with care. 

Moreover to let the flower stay fresh longer, it will be necessary “burn” the point where it has been cut, gently and quickly firing or immersing the extremity in boiling water. 

For composition this flower may be combined with spurie branches or Ilex or Scimmia berries, small, fine cose or cinnamon sticks . 

Once ended the composition will have classical, comforting  and welcoming aspect.

Just a recommendation, don’t forget to insert candle, they will give the right feast atmosphere to the table and to the evening!

Last but not least, the beauty of this flower stay on its name and its meaning, people use to say it brings success, good mood and bearer of joy.

What could be a better wish during Christmas time next to come?   


…and so… Happy Christmas to every one!!!