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The real light in the wedding photography

The light is the first thing that a photographer must face. Photography is real as image, only if we have light. The word photography derives from the greek expression “Photos Graphos”, that means to write with light.


As photographer, I have always had to deal with it. In early ’80, when I started to shoot photos with film, it was a different story. You had to choose film on the base of the picture you had to take.


Interior or outdoor, sunlight or neonlight?

They were hard times, optical lights were expansive and only few people could buy them.

Analogic cameras had some real limits, but at the same time you had a sentimental relationship wih your equipment.

A photographer had the luxury to use the same machine for many years.

Then, with the arrival of the digital age, a great revolution occured inside the photography.

Solid balances have been upset, the use of film, its sensitivity, the shoot at cold temperature, and so on.

With the arrival of digital age, this technical approach has disappeared, laying space to new schools of thought , different school depending on the use of the image.


Technology goes on so fast and in short time your equipment are obsolete, either for mobile device or photo cameras.


They create your whish to have the new model on the market.

I confess, i am waiting for the a new model able to cook eggs.

Nowadays fotocamera are thoughts for amateur market, they are full of functionalities, most of the times even not used. 

The photography system had to think new ways, create new thing, to make people wish.

This market work principally with consumers, because they represent the biggest revenue for the company who manufcature cameras.

From the other side, the professional ones, photographers are important to create brand awareness, their abilities are used to say this man use this or this one type of camera.

Forum are full of comments about this argument, with different opinions and knowledge level, even if everybody has always something to say and profess the right to express ideas, comments, thinking they know the truth.

The world is beautifull because it’s never the same! So, after this digression on photography, i would like to say my conclusions.

The main point is that, thanks God, the light will always have the fundamental role, and there are no way of speculation about it.

This is our safeness! Knowing that market can not affect light as raw material of photos, makes me good.

So dear my friends, before try your hand with photocameras, i suggest you to know light and and its thousand misteries and diversity.

Make experience with light, observe it in the different situation of your life.

Learn how  it lays on objects, how it brushes a face, how it weavings chiaroscuro plots, how its rays dazzles you on the morning or in the evening.

So this is photography, to use correctly the raw material, the light, then many other things obviously, but first of all you have to look inside light, without being dazzled by it, but surprised and fascinated.

Thanks and good life to everyone!