Interview with Remo Bortolin

M.I: How does a photographer start to specialize in wedding photography? How did you come up to this? Autodidact or something else?

I worked as assistant in some weddings with a friend of mine that is a professional photographer. In those few experiences I experimented, learned and finally loved this type o photography. I say loved because every wedding is a challenge with an objective to reach.

M.I.: Which are the necessary steps to make to become a serious freelancer?

Surely the VAT registration number or the subscription to categories associations are not enough. There aren’t models to follow for your training. You can have a fixed artistic basis from which to start, then everyone follow his way based on the funniest point of view that luckily are infinite. Courses, workshops, conventions, QIP and QEP degrees where professionals confirm the high quality of their work help the professional’s training. These are the essential steps to grow up.

M.I.: Which is your favourite camera? Which ones do you use? To which lens would you never renounce?

I’m not attached to a camera in particular. I miss my medium size that sometimes I dust and pet. I have always been faithful to Nikon. My lens? 17-35 can never miss.

M.I: How long is the image editing? And the work after the editing?

I don’t know! When I work with my photos time goes by fast and I think that it’s ethically incorrect to calculate it. A photo is not an industrial product that have to be done in time because, if not, it costs too much. I tend to evaluate place, light and situation, so as to obtain the photos I want.

M.I.: Would you change a thing of your job?

Yes. The tendency of many people to evaluate this job as a second hand job, sometimes they don’t recognize the fair reward for the photos they made.

M.I.: After how many years you mature?

A time factor doesn’t exist in photographic maturity. If we talk about success.. usually a lifetime is not enough.

M.I.: In which wedding report did you have fun the most?

For me every job is funny and demanding when you do it with your heart.

M.I.: Which location inspired you the most?

I love working in no conventional locations. In front of the possibility to choose a villa with a stage and a soya field, I choose the second one. I will never forget the wedding report in the industrial centre. It was a hard challenge to transform the parallelepiped architecture of an industrial shed in a photographic set.

M.I: Which types of photographers do you appreciate?

Hansel Adams, Galimberti, Basilico, Franco Fontana, Robert Capa

M.I.: Do you do other types of photography?

I photograph mainly for job. I continue to postpone the research photography.

M.I.: What would you suggest to the newlyweds for a good photo album? (From the choice of the photographer to the attitude they have to have, everything.)

The humility to accept advice from professionals.

M.I.: What would you suggest to whom want to do this work?

To find cooperation. Price war doesn’t lead to nothing. I suggest to have the seriousness to read the deontological code.

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