Interview with Tosetti Sposa

M.I.: Which were the 2014 trends?


Tosetti Sposa: Surely, it was lace for 2014 trends. Lace outfit for VIP weddings and as a present was the must of 2014. But it was a refined, smart and never ostentatious lace, which was matched with light and romantic tulle dresses. A dream for brides!


M.I.: Which will be 2015 trends? What will we see?


Tosetti Sposa: There are some images shown by the media, but surely there will be naked backs, lace’s transparencies and sleeves of tiffany colour…


M.I.: Tosetti is a synonym of quality and elegance, thanks to the partnership with many globally-recognised labels. Which are the high level labels that you propose in the atelier? 


Tosetti Sposa: From 1927, we have been working in the most beautiful weddings of Como in Lombardy and also in Switzerland. High quality and elegance are important, but also market research and a customised service with the support of a stylist, a pattern maker and a seamstress of the most famous labels, among which Nicole Montenapoleone, Jolies di Nicole, Romance di Nicole, Alessandra Rinaudo, Domo Adami, Carlo Pignatelli Couture, Fiorinda la sposa di Carlo Pignatelli, la sposa By Pronovias.


M.I.: Among your lines, there are some creations of Alessandro Tosetti. Alessandro Tosetti’s style is fresh and innovative. His ability was recognised with many awards. 


Tosetti Sposa: Yes, we have been supporting Alessandro Tosetti from 2014. After many years studying fashion and textiles and thanks to his family passion for fashion (his grandfathers were tailors both.), he drew his first Bride Capsule Collection. The collection’s theme was ‘jeans’. It was burn from a deep research!

One thread of jeans, two of silk and one of lurex in order to give birth to soft, malleable, romantic textiles, which are perfect to match with silk and tulle.

With this Collection he came in second in the international competition for young emerging stylists that took place in January at Lugano. It was also chosen as the most original Bride Capsule Collection by Magazine Tess and the region’s daily paper. 

So he uses young, fresh and romantic images, as brides. The jeans textiles can be realised in other colours, also white!


M.I.: How will you stun spouses with your 2015 collection? Will you choose only white? Or will we see some unusual matching from a chromatic point of view?


Tosetti Sposa: Yes, sure. In 2015 we will stun you with pastel colours, but above all tiffany colour and light blue. As regards our Alessandro Tosetti Collection, the dress is transformed. We won’t say much but there will be very smart dresses for the ceremony and then transforming it in more fashionable and easy ones for the evening or the dancing.

Finally, we would like to see romantic brides that in the evening show their young and strong character. 


M.I.: Talking about matching. Which are the hairstyles that you suggest? Or should makeup artists study something particular for each dress?


Tosetti Sposa: We saw in the catwalk elaborated hairstyles for uncovered dresses, or chignon to enhance the beauty of the dress.

As regards the hairstyle every bride with a particular dress need a different hairstyle. We have to consider the dress, her somatic traits, the type of hairs. We give the basic advice, asking the bride advice, but then we can address to the best Italian or Swiss hair stylists who cooperate with us.


M.I.:  Heels are an accessory which is important for brides. In the past we saw plateau and other proposals. In your opinion, which will be the most suitable heels in new collections?


Tosetti Sposa: There are enough heels for all tastes! Elegant heels, with Swarovski, but also with jewels or coloured ones... Boots for the more anti-conformist brides. Also in this case it depends on the type of bride, location and atmosphere. 


M.I.: We talked about brides, but not grooms. How about the half tight? Which will be the groom’s look?


Tosetti Sposa: The groom is always more the protagonist in the ceremony. Yes, the half tight is continuing to be a must, which is combined with particular ‘coreani’ and black and white unusual matching. So there will be many smart news also for the groom, for example a new accessory which could make the difference.


M.I.: Tosetti propose also customised dresses and custom-made brands. How do you customize the proposals for your clients? Is it in great demand?


Tosetti Sposa: Surely the major demand is for customised dress. Some braids want label dresses as they saw it advertised. Many of them want it customised by varying necklines, customising laces and textiles from a sample, putting a shade of colour between the volume of the skirt, in the strap or the corset as light as a flower or a coloured detail.

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